An Innovative Solution to a Succession Planning Problem

Are you looking for a unique solution to a succession planning problem?

Recently I have been working with a new client to help them to work through what is essentially a ‘succession planning’ issue.

Our client’s father is stuck in the old way of doing things and does not appreciate that in this world there are new ways of connecting to customers that are more effective.

Our client realises that people are doing more of their dealings online, especially on mobile, and the father does not.

He is doomed to a future of falling sales and, in due course, the failure of his business and/or the possibility he will need to close it or sell it for a song.

While things have looked rather sobering for our client the client pulled a rabbit out of the hat when we last spoke.

Our client likes the product the father sells and is passionate about it as well as being experienced in it.

Our client indicated that an idea had been running around their head for awhile.


Why not indeed?

Now we were getting somewhere.

Previously I had been trying to help the client resolve a family issue. We were bogged down!

But now a whole new range of options opened up!

Now we were cooking with gas!

I wheeled out the Business Model Canvas app on my iPad and within 20 minutes had a draft business model of the client’s concept prepared to explore further with them.

Then we can look at what some of the innovators are doing and how they are designing disruptive businesses. See below

And then we can get out of the office and start talking to some of the customer segments. And effectively validate the hypothesis that is the first draft of the Business model Canvas.


This is exciting!

And quite a reasonable option other than buying a family business that is declining in value.

And it gives our client the capacity to walk away from negotiations with the father if they continue to be dispiriting.

There is hope! There is always hope!




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