Refine your present business model- Business model user group 6 May

Do you want to refine your business model? Help is available! The Melbourne Business Model User Group provides a workshop format to allow you to : ascertain and describe your present business model clarify your value proposition clarify and better specify your customer segments identify your present partnerships identify the present revenue streams and cost […]

The need for courage in business

Last night my son-in-law showed me a video on YouTube which was absolutely inspiring. It was a bike-rider negotiating the heights of the Isle of Skye. It was breath-taking! Absolutely breath-taking! And it got me thinking about the attributes that are required to start a business and to make the necessary changes as you progress […]

Using the Value Proposition Canvas to refine your business model

Alexander Osterwalder has followed up on the Business Model Canvas tool with the Value Proposition Canvas. Its from his new book—-Value Proposition Design. I have applied it on several occasions now to clients and find that it is very useful pinning down exactly what the customer needs are. The starting point is to identify exactly […]